Quantum Qhm330 Notebook Cooling Pad

1-year warranty from the date of purchase.
Ergonomic Design with a unique design meant to provide maximum support to your laptop.
The cooling pad has a powerful and noiseless 11 dB LED fan that helps in easy thermal heat dissipation. The airflow output rate ranges from 23-44 CFM and the air pressure from 0.45-1.35mmH2O.
Adjustable fan speed that can be optimised from 750 to 1500 RPM.
There are 4-level adjustable tilts with which you can incline your laptop at your comfort. This will help in maintaining a clear vision and a straight back.
The notebook cooling pad has a DC 5V and 0.4A output and 1.5W which makes it extremely powerful. It is also energy-efficient.
There is a long horizontal hinged flap that will strongly hold your laptop and protect it from falling off.
Two USB output ports have been provided along with a cable which makes it easier to connect with devices.

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