Sometimes, there just aren’t enough USB ports on your computer. In order to prevent any compromise during such times, you should always have a USB hub adapterwhich comes in handy in solving such situations. One must buy a USB hub if he or she is a laptop user. A USB hub is a must-have device if you often require a charging port or constantly perform data transfers.

Whether you just require connecting devices with USB connection such as keyboard, mouse and pen drive or require a USB port to connect the cooling pad for your laptop or you just require it to connect Bluetooth devices to your television; this USB Hub is exactly the thing you are looking for. This all in one USB hub is at par in all terms, be it features, durability or the current industry standard. This is a super slim high-speed USB hub. It is USB 2.0 and ACPI compliant. This USB hub for pc is also ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) compliant which is an industry specification for efficient handling and power consumption.  This USB hub for laptop can also handle USB 3.0 flash drives.

It has a simplistic design that is small and sleek in nature and has been designed in such a way, so as to add ease of usability and style during daily usage. Weighing just 59 grams and having the dimensions 18.2 cm by 12.3 cm by 3 cm, this USB hub is a compact and lightweight product which can be carried anywhere easily. So as to provide everlasting use of this USB hub, it has a well-built structure comprising of a durable outer case along with high-grade electric elements.  It has three top-load USB ports and one front load USB port. It has wide compatibility and easy to connect. The cable attached to this USB hub is 25.5 inches long. It has a small design that ensures a compressed organisation of all your USB devices. It comes in black colour.

Talking about specifications, this is a 4-port high-speed 480 Mbps USB 2.0 hub. It features 4 Standard A-type USB ports which offer 100 mA current per port. In this device, there is one B type Female input connector mini USB. This product completely shields you from electric shocks. This USB hub supports a low-speed signalling rate as is defined by USB 1.0. It supports a full-speed rate which is the basic USB data rate defined by USB 1.1. It also supports the high-speed rate of USB 2.0. With such defined speeds, your data transfers will happen in no time. This USB hub holds the potential of chaining up to 127 USB devices. It has an easy plug and plays compatibility with all devices such as Windows 10, 8, XP, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux and many more. One can connect almost everything with a USB connection with this USB hub.

Quantum QHM6642 Hi-Speed USB Hub 4 Port is the perfect USB hub for pc. It has all the necessary features which are required to have a hassle-free and seamless user experience. The price of this USB hub is also very competitive. You can buy this cheap USB hub online. This USB hub can be easily found on online selling platforms such as Amazon. You will get maximum bang for the buck with this USB hub adapter.

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