Hardware Management Services

How We Provide Remote Hardware Support

A quick note on this initiative: As a global company, We succeed because we thrive at working remotely. Whether it’s troubleshooting hardware issues in real time, training workers on best practices to maintain hardware, or advocating for customers’ needs, we’re committed to providing the best service possible from a distance. We are highlighting our remote support capabilities and the individuals powering that support system.

While our Customer Success team is trained to help customers and is devoted to processing the most accurate data possible, our top-notch Tech Support team specializes in hardware. For now, that means two things:

  1. Easy-to-use ground control points to ensure essential softwares are running smoothly
  2. Hardware is getting scheduled maintenance and instant troubleshooting

We all know hardware issues can create huge roadblocks when it comes to employee efficiency. No matter how frequently you survey your site, not being able to operate on the day you’re scheduled can cause project delays, data gaps, and lost revenue.

To keep those hardware problems at bay, we put an entire team in place to make sure you’re able to survey when you want to.

For example, if you’re having problems uploading data to your Organisation servers or properly calibrating your machines, our Tech Support is your go-to team.

“If customers are having an issue, they can contact us for anything they need. We’re all about helping people out in the field, in the moment.”

Being able to get on the phone with a Tech Support engineer who not only understands your technology backwards and forwards, but recognizes the specific pain points that your industry application is constantly trying to overcome, can be hugely beneficial.

“While most of us have done site visits and have tagged along on various projects—it is something that we definitely value doing—we never have to go onsite to troubleshoot something, it’s all done 100% remotely, which is useful to both us and our customers, as troubleshooting remotely causes less of a disruption to the customer’s workday.”

Coaching you through takeoff and beyond

In addition to troubleshooting hardware hiccups as they arise, our Tech Support is also available to help familiarize customers’ employees with the tech they’ll be handling during their time in the organisation.

“There’s definitely a learning curve that’s different for everyone. We get more calls at the beginning of a customer’s life cycle where they are relying on Tech Support and their customer success engineer for training. In those times, a lot of the calls are about understanding the hardware and software and how to use them together.”

Seamless communication between teams

In addition to having remote access to our Tech Support team, every customer is assigned their own dedicated customer success engineer. While Tech Support handles the hardware side of things, CSEs work to ensure their customers understand the ins and outs of their machines, and generally serve as the go-to people for any non-hardware-related needs.

“Tech Support is a subsection of Customer Success. Even though we have that narrowed hardware scope, we’re always working very, very closely with the customer success engineers. In that way, we are able to make sure that everyone is having a trouble free day at work.”


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